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Just like every year we want to invite you to visit us at the Ham-Radio 2009 exhibition in Friedrichshafen, in the South of Germany.


SCS at HAM 2009


The show takes place from 26th until 28th of June 2009.
Our booth is located in hall 1 and has the number 427.


Hall Overview

Firmware 1.3 for the SCS Tracker / DSP TNC

Version 1.3 is a gerneral bugfix release. Some internal structures were rewritten in order to increase efficiency and stability of the firmware.

New Firmware 4.0

The firmware version 4.0 despite the major version number is a general bugfix release. Some small enhancements round up the update.


As always, an updated version of the SCS-CD will be available on our booth, keeping the above mentioned new firmwares including documentation. The same will be also available for download from our website after the show.

New Software: SCSgate

SCSgate is a small APRS-Client program for MS-Windows for easy operation of an APRS Internet Gateway (IGATE). Received APRS-Datagrams are forwarded to an arbitrary APRS-Server in the internet. In addition, messaging of the gateway's position is possible. In this context, memory intensive applications, like sophisticated chart views were intentionally avoided. SCSgate supports the common SCS PTCs as well as the SCS DSP-TNC. The program is free of charge and you will find it on the new SCS-CD.

We're looking forward to seeing you!
Best Regards, your SCS-PACTOR-Team

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