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RCKRtty is a comprehensive program for logging and administration of RTTY, PSK31, Pactor, Amtor and CW-QSO's with simultaneous control of tranceiver and real-time operation with Packet-Radio. RCKRtty supports "normally QSO-operation" and a "full Contest operation", with maximum data security.
It runs on any IBM PC or compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.
Current release: RCKRtty 3.17
Released: Feb 08, 2009
Tested with:
RCKRtty Setup

For Windows (7.4 MB)

Supported modems:


Supported Transceiver control:

  • Via a SCS-PTC-II controller: Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu

Simultaneous Packet-Radio (DX-Cluster):

  • TNC's with Terminal-Mode or WA8DED Hostmode (The Firmware)
  • Telnet via Internet TCP/IP

Main features of RCKRtty:

  • Modes: RTTY, CW, Pactor, Amtor, PSK31 and PSK63 with modems or Sound card
  • German, English, French, Czech, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Dutch language versions available,
  • normally QSO-Mode and full Contest operation,
  • automatically Internet update of the program via simple mouse click,
  • simultaneous Packet-Radio connects possible (DX-Cluster, Mailbox, ..),
  • take over the DX-announcements into the QSO-fields,
  • DX-announcements with a simple mouse click possible,
  • Band Map with DX-Cluster support,
  • full off-line operation possible (without modem / without transceiver / without Packet-Radio),
  • full mouse support,
  • one registration for several call extensions (for example: DL4RCK, G/DL4RCK, G/DL4RCK/p, DL4RCK/m, ...),
  • frequency/band and mode maybe read from transceiver,
  • frequency control of transceiver,
  • 13 function keys with all lots of variables for custom "brag" configuration,
  • names from a "friend.ini" file,
  • DXCC-, country-, WPX-, CQ-zone-, ITU-zone- evaluation with display of local time available (use of CTY.DAT),
  • show beam directions to all countries, with call area detection of W, VE, VK, JA, ZL (e.g. W1, VE2, W6, ...)
  • colored DXCC Check Window to see what DXCC’s are worked, needed or on other bands already worked, also the States/Provinces, Zones and Call-Areas are shown,
  • calculate the distance in kilometer or miles to the other station.
  • full and partial call search using a "MASTER.CAL" file, more than 16000 RTTY calls available,
  • automatic call sign detection and correction in receiving text using the “” file,
  • comments for each call can be stored/saved,
  • take over data from the same call in the log (if worked before),
  • automatic CQ with user settable timing and variable text,
  • modem commands can be sent within the program,
  • saving of received text to hard disk,
  • several log files with different setups choose able,
  • edit, sort and print functions for log files,
  • conversion of log file(s) to standard ASCII file,
  • export of log file(s) to ADIF - format for other log programs,
  • import ADIF log files from other log programs,
  • online print of every logged QSO,
  • partial string search in all fields of the log,
  • UTC difference to local time settable,
  • operating hour meter for online- or contest operation,
  • several macro files (text files) with all available variables possible,
  • macro files can be sent by single keystroke,
  • automatic call detection, mouse click transfers call into log field,
  • automatic call transfer when a Pactor connect to the QSO-fields, with a audible signal,
  • double click on received call transfers same into call field and allows "simultaneous" sending of a user defined text,
  • double click on received text transfers same into QSO-fields,
  • display of band already worked for current: - call sign - IOTA - State - CQ-zone - ITU-zone - WPX - DXCC,
  • font type and font size for each program window selectable.
  • several acoustic signals or melodies possible at different events, for example: DX-announcements from a PR-cluster.
  • Interface to callbook CD-ROM database with take over of call data’s. RAC CDRom (Radio Amateur Callbook) and Buckmaster CDRom support.
  • Network, Multi-station operation, with up to 12 stations simultaneous online.
  • Contest graphical statistic tool.
  • Full support of the “USB micro Keyer” modul by microHAM, OM7ZZ.


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