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(Product #8190) Audio Connection Cable ICOM 9-pin Sub-D

With this cable you connect your PTC-II series PACTOR modem to the ICOM Transceiver with 9-pin Sub-D plug. (IC-M801 and IC-M710 GMDSS)

Audio Connection Cable ICOM 9-pin Sub-D
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net € 35,29

Easy. Plug and Play. Ready to connect, this cable fits for the ICOM Marine Transceivers IC-M801 and IC-M710 GMDSS.

When using our standard audio cables to connect the modem to an ICOM radio, the modem is also supplied with power by this cable. The advantage is, that the modem automatically switches on and off with the radio.

The cables are of high quality, shielded and with molded connectors. Ferrites on both ends decrease the susceptibility against radiation. Connectors are labeled with "TRX" indicating the radio side and "PTC" indicating the modem side.

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