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SCS is setting the new Standard for radio data communication.

Our brand new HF-modem P4dragon DR-7800 is the no compromise further development of the legendary PTC-II, which was designed for professional use and for the ambitioned amateur radio enthusiast.

The DR-7800 has been optimized for use with the new high-end data transmission mode PACTOR-4. This offers unexcelled fast and robust data links via shortwave; E-mail almost like at home – from any point on earth. The DR-7800 is software compatible to the PTC-II series so that existing PACTOR software (AirMail, RMS Express, Alpha etc) can continue to be used. The elegant design, and the excellently readable and informative OLED display, as well as the easy upgrade possibilities (free updates!) round up the concept of the most modern short-wave modem from SCS, the creators of PACTOR.


Switch plugs and go…

Due to the plug compatibility of the radio ports, a change from the tried and tested PTC-II technology to the innovative P4dragon technology is very easy. Change over the plugs, turn on, and enjoy PACTOR-4!

To the limit

DR-7800 means “High end” in both hard and software. 6.4 Billion arithmetical operations per second, and hand optimized DSP algorithms, enable an unexcelled PACTOR performance. Reference class!



The new Ouroboros–Logo is not only a symbol for globe encircling HFcommunication. It also symbolizes the many iterative operations, without which PACTOR-4 could not approach so close to the Shannon boundary.


Max net speed 10500 bps. 2 x faster than P3. Backwards compatible. 2400 Hz bandwidth. Highly adaptive. Highly resistant to interference. 6 auto notches. Adaptive equalizer.

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