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Easily establish your own private HF email system without additional costs!
Current release: SCSmail
Released: Mar 25, 2014
Tested with:

For Windows (5.8 MB)

SCSmail has been developed to enable users of our radio modems to easily establish an own email system without additional costs.

It runs in an MS Windows (XP or later) environment and can be used as server and as client, which is decided simply with one mouse click in the setup. 


SCSmail provides unique flexibility for email over radio:

Use your standard email client (e. g. MS Outlook Express) and your standard email account also for email over an HF PACTOR or Packet Radio connection! SCSmail makes it possible! For accessing your email through SCSmail, you do not need a special email address nor a special account from an HF email provider.


Radio amateurs can easily try out SCSmail. There are special SCSmail servers such as listed in the following table.

Callsign         Frequencies (kHz)



DB0UAL-9     3610.0 and 14102.0 kHz                  Robust Packet Radio (RPR) or IGATE

Frequencies refer to the display of the transceiver ("dial frequency") in mode USB.

A server password is not required.



It is not the intention of SCSmail to replace or to interfere with existing professional HF email providers with their highly sophisticated solutions and services. Its purpose is just to give private users and small organizations the chance to quickly install an own, private email service without additional costs and without the need to subscribe to an existing provider and with this being dependent from an external service.

New in this release

This release fixes a bug which can cause high CPU load.

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